As part of this community, I will align by these values and hold myself to these standards:

  • I understand help is given to those who ask and I commit to helping others who are willing to ask even if only for moral support
  • I commit to conduct myself with honesty and integrity in all situations and I will not participate in culturally destructive behaviours
  • I understand that I alone am fully and totally responsible for my life and the successes or failures of my trading business
  • I understand the community is not a place for whinging, whining or victim behaviour under any circumstances
  • I commit to developing self-awareness that allows me insights into my own strengths and weaknesses
  • I understand that success and sound mental health in trading business requires a long term perspective and will see short term setbacks as long term lessons required to succeed
  • I commit to reviewing my financials on a monthly basis and understand the performance of my trading business depends upon it
  • I practice constant appreciation and gratitude and say Thank You at every opportunity to those who help and support
  • I give permission to be called out on any BS stories that people hear that may be holding me back from achieving my potential
  • I commit to doing what I say I will do
  • I celebrate my own and other’s wins and acknowledge the effort required to win.
  • I am a master of my own destiny.
  • I commit to this tribe to share and help and have LOTS of FUN!
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